Dal S. Yu

Welcome to my website! Where I keep a (small) collection of my work to share with others around the world.


* Graduate student/instructor at Saint Louis University (Spring 2015).

* Instructor at Saint Louis University (Math Department) and Web Developer at Lightfire Partners, LLC (Fall 2013 ~ Fall 2014).

* Owner of http://usothello.org (July 20, 2013), currently the official website for the US Othello Association.

* Competed in the 2013 National Open (Chicago), 2014 National Open (Chicago), 2014 National Championship (New York) Othello tournaments (July): My World Othello Federation player ranking can be found here, and my US Othello Association player ranking can be found here.

* Graduate student/instructor at Saint Louis University, Missouri (Fall '12, Spring '13): http://mathcs.slu.edu/people/dyu7

* Undergraduate Thesis (2011) (pdf): " Representation Theory of Classical Compact Lie Groups "

* Athlon 32-bit binary build for Sage mathematics open-source software, version 3.0 (Spring 2008).
My name can be found in the list of developers: http://www.sagemath.org/development-map.html

* Passing candidate of the SOA/CAS Exam P/1 actuary exam.
Results can be found here, under 'Passing Candidate Names' for July 2011.

Monday, May 11, 2011
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