Dal S. Yu


bagged clams.
Bagged clams on sale at a local grocery store.

topology homework.
Algebraic topology homework (Spring 2013).

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis (Winter 2013).

Playing Othello against former world champion
Kunihiko Tanida.
Playing against former world champion Kunihiko Tanida
at the 2013 National Open (Othello).

roommate Hobbes. cat
roommate Hobbes pooping.
My roommate, Hobbes, at 1.5 years old.

Korean well in Jeollanam-do. Korean well in Jeollanam-do.
Public Korean wash and laundry area in Jeollanam-do, South Korea.

Lucid dreaming device.
Lucid-dreaming goggles made using an old alarm clock.
A few of the wires have broken off the solder due to much use and poor engineering,
causing only partial LED lighting.

Home-made talkbox.
Talkbox with plunger cups and a disassembled speaker system.

Tower of the Americas,
San Antonio, Texas.
Night view of San Antonio from the Tower of the Americas.

My library.
My library shelves.

Saint Louis University Saint Louis University Saint Louis University
Saint Louis University, MO.

A fearsome rat terrier.
A fearsome rat terrier.

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