Dal S. Yu

Listed below are some programs that I wrote with with Android, Java, or C++.

Billiken Stat110

Download BillikenStat1100 (1.3 MB)
for Android 2.2 or higher

[Android] Billiken Stat 1100 is an Android app developed for my students
to view the class Calendar, view syllabus,
keep track of their grades, etc.

Single Position Auto-Clicker

Download Auto-clicker

[Java] This program detects the user's mouse position
and auto-clicks that position given the number of repetitions
and pauses between clicks.
Note: to stop the program, you'll have to manually Ctrl + C it.

Magic Square

Download Magic Square

[C++] A magic square is an n x n matrix of integers for n odd, where
the sum of the integers on each row, column, and the two diagonals
amount to the same number. Given an odd integer between 1 and 15,
this program computes a magic square. This was part of an extra credit
project for a programming class.


Download NullStone

[Java] This game is well-known . . . I don't know the original name. To play,
you start off with a number of stones in a pile, and playing against
the computer or another player, take turns removing 1, 2, or 3 stones
from the pile. Whoever cannot pick up any stones loses.

RSA Encryption/Decryption

Download RSA Encrypt
Download RSA Decrypt

[C++] This encryption/decryption program is based off of the RSA scheme.
Pick two prime numbers p, q, and a number relatively prime to
the least common multiple of p-1 and q-1.
Then the encryption program encrypts a message that you type into a text file.
Now you can send this text file to someone else who will
use the decrypt program to read your encrypted message.
Note: to avoid a few bugs, the product of the two prime numbers
should be at least four digits long.

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